The Future of Telephony Is Here – SIP Trunking

What Is SIP Trunking?
For roughly the last century we have all been making calls on the PSTN or Public Switched Telephone Network. During this time major carriers arranged an intricate system for assessing charges and compensating one another that results in inconsistent fee structures for consumers based on the origin and destination of each call. The PSTN infrastructure is antiquated and comprised mostly of old copper wiring and inefficient switching equipment. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) allows your business to skip a portion (or even all) of the PSTN making telephony services less expensive.

SIP trunking is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) streaming media service. ITSPs (Internet Telephony Service Providers) provide telephone and unified communications services to customers equipped with SIP based PBX (private… Continue reading

Forecast: Cloud Communications With A Chance Of Savings

Cloud communication can be defined as internet-based data and voice communications where switching, storage, and telecommunication applications are hosted outside of the organization by a third-party and they can be accessed through public internet. Those who provide cloud communication services like at, will deliver data and voice communications services and applications and host them on servers owned and maintained by the providers thereby providing customers Cloud access.

The customers using this service have to pay for applications or services used by them, so it is highly reliable and cost-effective as well as offer a completely secure environment for communication. It does not include worries associated with conventional deployment of PBX system. The cost can be reduced if the companies use services… Continue reading

What You Should Know About Recovery-As-A-Service

Computers are quickly becoming a common way of storing important data, such as banking records, personnel files, customer information, family photographs or other documents that cannot be lost. Recovery-as-a-Service is being found as an important way of backing up all this data stored on your server.

Companies that provide remote storage, such as VaultScape, are proving to be an important technology to add to your resources when it comes to data retrieval and backup systems. These cloud backup services are being used by people that need their data stored, but also by people that need to retrieve that data when necessary.

Instead of carrying around a lot of discs with you, you can access your data from anywhere and at any time you need it,… Continue reading

Tech Do’s and Don’ts

In this age of technology you are more at rick than ever before. More and more security information is being compromised and you are at rick. However, you can do your part to keep your information safe.
Don’t Be a Security Risk!


•Follow suggested rules for creating strong passwords
•Memorize your password or store it in a secure place
•Change your password regularly
•Use a password protected screen saver
•Use care when entering your password in front of others
•Set a good security example for others
•Immediately change your password if you suspect it may have been compromised.
•Report any potential security breach
•Logout whenever you are away from your desk or finished for the day


•Share your password with anyone
•Login to… Continue reading

Advanced Boolean Search

What is Boolean Search?

Boolean searches allow you to combine words and phrases using the words AND, OR, NOT and NEAR (otherwise known as Boolean operators) to limit, widen, or define your search. Most Internet search engines and Web directories default to these Boolean search parameters anyway, but a good Web searcher should know how to use basic Boolean operators.
Where does the term Boolean originate?

George Boole, an English mathematician in the 19th century, developed “Boolean Logic” in order to combine certain concepts and exclude certain concepts when searching databases.

Logi Search is great for advance boolean searches.

How do I do a Boolean Search?

You have two choices: you can use the standard Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT, or NEAR, or you can… Continue reading

Solving Complex Network Problems

Yes, wireless network problems can be annoying when you want to get connected. Nevertheless, wireless network problems can usually be fixed without much fuss. Before you begin to troubleshoot what is wrong with your network. Make sure you have properly setup your network.

1. Unreliability

This is one of the most a common wireless network problems. It can be caused by faulty hardware or thick walls. More often than not this is caused by interference due to wiring in the building or home that doesn’t allow for a particularly strong signal. Also wireless network strength can fluctuate widely from the same area.

The best solution to this wireless network problem is to boost the signal. This can be achieved in a number of ways. Your… Continue reading

Competent Technical Training

Information technology has become one of the most widely chosen career paths for many students leaving high school and entering the work force. The key to becoming successful is to get the best possible technical training, focusing on developing skills and showing certification in a specific area.

There are many different types of programs and many different types of certifications to get so determining where to start can be difficult. For almost any technical job a base certification is needed. For computer systems by far and away the best base to begin with is an A+ certification. This certification from CompTIA is the foundation of any technicians certification track. Having an A+ certification means that the technician has a solid understanding of both hardware… Continue reading

How to Zero In for the Information you Need

A website directory is a relatively new concept in Internet searching. An individual or business first must list their website with a specific website directory. Then Internet users are able to search a website directory in order ton find a specific website or information. This is a
very simple process that usually only takes a matter of minutes.

When searching for information on a website directory an individual must choose from numerous main categories and subcategories. Some of the main categories include business, dating, education, news, sports, shopping, travel, home and many more. Subcategories include areas of dating
strategies, success stories, educators, extreme sports, apartment life, do-it yourself, journalism, online tests, transportation and hundreds more.

Find what you are looking for at

Each main… Continue reading

Cloud Migration Specialization

You’ve heard the Cloud marketing hype for years. Major hardware and software companies are embedding the term in their advertising, bundling access in their software, or otherwise flooding our minds with the concept. In its most simplest terms, “The Cloud” can be summarized as multiple computers running software and sharing resources that enable it to act as one large computer. In the broader sense, it makes massive computing power available to anyone with a need.

Knowing when you should move to the Cloud is as important as the move itself. You need to be prepared for the migration, and have a solid plan in place. Some basic things to consider before your move to the Cloud:

•Are your Server and Network demands spiking or peaking?… Continue reading

Sifting for Information on the Cloud

What is Cloud Hosting, and Why is it Better?
Cloud hosting, also called clustered hosting, is a web hosting service that is delivered from a network of connected servers. The servers are not necessarily in the same data center; in fact they are more likely located in data centers scattered around the globe.

In layperson terms, the cloud delivers a hosting environment for computing resources that have been pooled together and delivered over the Internet. It does not limit an application to a specific set of resources.

The cloud allows hosts to have agility and be business-aligned for optimized performance. The major cloud hosts have fully redundant networks which use the major local and international Internet connectivity providers for premium bandwidth.

Find great information on… Continue reading

Cool High-Tech Bags

There are many types of camera bags available in the market today; these high-tech bags were specially designed to match the stylish and functional cameras produced to give the hobbyist or the enthusiast photographer a unique and personal style when it comes to the art of photography. Bags are no longer the ordinary bulky and dull colored bags which were carried by news photographers; they are stylish, trendy, colorful and functional for their various uses according to the theme set and designed for.

Personal choices

Hence, bags can be well designed to be perfect for carrying the small personal camera with all its necessary gear and accessories such as batteries and extra storage disks. bags can be very personal today depending on the type… Continue reading

Ideal Locations for Your High-Tech Business

If you want to relocate to a tech-savvy city–a city that offers great prospects for technology talent–then you’ll love the seven cities listed below. Each of the 7 cities below have above-average brainpower (smart populations), great technology infrastructure, and a growing technology job sector. can help with finding the perfect location for your high-tech business.

1. Seattle, WA – Forty seven percent of Seattle’s population holds a bachelor’s degree or higher, making Seattle the “brain-iest” city in the U.S. Seattle is well-known for its technology infrastructure (wireless city), and growing tech industry. Microsoft and Nintendo are both located in Redmond, just outside of Seattle. Notable technology companies located within (or nearby) Seattle include Real Networks, Tmobile, Amazon, Clearwire, Infopop,, and Just like… Continue reading

Optimizing your use of Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office training has become a must for many business’s staff personnel found within a wide range of industries. Learning and becoming experienced at operating Microsoft Office programs has never been easier. Training programs can be completed from the comfort of one’s home, and better yet most training courses are certifiable.

There are a large number of adults that do not have the knowledge it takes to successfully operate newer software programs. However, everyone realizes that these days it’s hard to keep up with any type of software program due to technological advancements that occur on a daily basis.

Statistics show that people who are forward thinkers and high achievers tend to qualify for more job opportunities. In fact, many people have seen training in… Continue reading